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Planning and scheduling properly will be one of the biggest challenges of the coming years. With Industry 4.0 getting closer, the challenge to optimize the planning of production orders and production processes grows. Stello Planner stands out as an essential tool to increase productivity and competitiveness of the company. To achieve that Stello Planner is developed under three main foundations:

Stello Planner's main goals and features

Fullfiling due dates;
Minimize preparation, inactivity and halt times;
Maximize resources and subresources utilization;

Using mathematical algorithms to obtain the best solution, giving the possibility to target multiples goals simultaneosly.

Providing a graphical user interface that helps day-to-day usage, and making all decision taking easier.

Advaced algorithms to help manage production

Stello Planner incorporates flexible and efficient algorithms, based in meta-heuristics (relatively generalized techniques for combinatoric optimization problems), in its multi-goal variants and sofisticated decision support systems, which reinforce the role of the decision agent (planner) and his intervention in the whole system. The algorithms are developed in permanent colaboration with INESC TEC, having already taken place multiple cientific papers and academic thesis.

Main optimization criteria

Minimize Setup Time

Minimize Out of Date Deliveries

Minimize Wait Times

Minimize the Biggest Delay

Minimize Date Offsets

Maximize Load Levels

Maximize Priorities

Maximize Turnover

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Easy-to-use graphical user interface

Planning, at a first glance, is solving the conflicts between the interests of the comercial and production departments. The necessity to capitalize on the available production capacity, represents an oportunity to optimize the resources and improve the production process. The big challenge of a scheduling tool is to be able to produce in the factory the quantities that were planned:


In order for the user to be able to plan his producion and evaluate outcomes, Stello Planner provides an easy to use and intuitive graphical interface. From this inteface, is possible to access all the configuration, consultation and interaction funcionalities with the scheduling, furthermore is possible to compare multiple scheduled programations (simulations) and respective indicators (KPIs). Given so, the user will be able to, in a sustainable manner, decide which of the simulations he should approve and forward to the production.

Interactive charts available in Stello Planner

Monitor simulations through the various gantt charts. Stello Planner offers it's users different Gantt charts and allows them to interact with the planning but also analyze the outcome from the different simulations.

Highlighting the Resources Gantt as the main feature where it is possible to interact with all the planning the algorithm layed out, and in case of need, move operations in time and resource amongst other options. Also from this views, is possible to access information of a specific production order or single operation.

Resources Gantt

It allows visualize and interact with the planning where all the orders are displayed by resource throughout the timeline along with it's data.

Subresources Gantt

It allows a visual representation of them associated to it's parent resource where they are needed.

Production Orders Gantt

It allows a visual representation throughout the timeline of informations related to it.


It allows a visual representation of information related to the loads of each resource

Easy integration with other systems

In order to have an eficient planning based on the company global reality, it is important that Stello Planner is fed with correct and real data. Communication with Stello Planner is made through .XML files that allow an easy integration with other systems in different platforms and locations, resulting in the most accurate scenarios possible.

Detailed features of Stello Planner

Aside from the traditional features of a planning and scheduling software, Stello Planner has also other features that increase value to it.

Resources' maintenance

Between the different types of resources Stello Planner is able to manage, two of them deserve a special mention:

Batch type resources

Where diverse operations of different production orders can be executed, in the same time period, conjugated on a basis of compatibilities and dimensions, according to the finite capacity of the resourse (for example an hoven or a tank)

Tunnel type resources

Similar to Batch type, but the operations doesn't need to start or finnish at the same time (for example a spray paint line or conveyor oven)

Subresources' maintenance

In Stello Planner is possible to manage sub-resources (elements that limit the usage of one or multiple resources). This can be tools, casts, operators, transport equipments, among other possible examples. Depending on the production processes, the inlusion of sub-resources is fundamental to garantee an adherence of the scheduling to the company reality.

Define characterisctic's groups and transition matrixes

Characterisctic's groups and transition matrixes allow Stello Planner, to dynamically optimize in real time production orders' setup time based on the simulations generated.

Grouping operations on the basis of its caracteristics and adjust preparation times predicated on the defined transitional matrices, allows Stello Planner the desired aproximation to reality, which, in a dinamic and fast way, allows adjusting the lead-time of the production order, always with the goal of optimize, in this case, reducing the lead-time.

The energetic efficiency labels allow a better allocation of resources based on it's power consumption and what's more efficient to the production. Having this labels specified with a transition matrix allows the scheduler to sort production order based on the cheapest energetic cost.

An expandable solution

On necessity basis, it is possible to expand Stello Planner's functionality with plug-ins invoked from different places. This allows extra features to be added to the main software increasing it's functionality based on the client and factory specific needs.

A control panel to help in the decision making process

The control pannel of Stello Planner is the starting point of the decision support system, relatively to multiple simulations in analisis. Predicated on the "radiographies" of the diverse productive scenaries, the user can focus his attention on the indicators (KPIs) he defined as critical. From this point on, his evaluation will center itself on aspects that might compromise the production goals of the organization, helping mitigating them.

Comparing simulations, based on possible solutions, contructed from the same basis, but shaped for different hypotheses, is facilitated by the attribution of a pondered grade, predicated on the key aspects for the planner.

All the process is done dynamically, allowing navigating in the information and resorting to grafical representations to facilitate the identification of the critical points being analised.

From the control panel it's possible to optimize a inicially obtained solution. In this way, the computer is responsible for the task of processing large quantities of data and perform complex calculations, freeing the user to add value, evaluating the situation based on his experience.

On a more macro level, Stello Planner also supports the decision making at the investment level looking forward to improve the whole producting proccess as a whole. The continued and permanent usage of Stello Planner produces lengthy statistics, which eliminate pontual episodes (points deviating from the curve). Then, through a careful analisys, will be possible to identify where the company might invest in resources and/or processes, looking to eliminate, in a recurrent fashion, what might come to limit your operation.

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