Innovation in Software for Industry

Our Company

Softi9 is part of a national economic group founded in 1968, with a presence in various areas of economic activity, from industry to services, including construction and distribution sectors. Since the beginning of its activity in 1997, Softi9 has permanently invested in the development of innovative and versatile software. The software is based on advanced technologies and methodologies for the industry.

The constant growth of our customers' portfolio, belonging to different activity sectors, allows us to invest, in a sustained way, in the improvement of our systems and platforms, as well as in the development of new products, always bearing in mind:

The users' needs

To ensure best practices and tools

The best implementation methods

To meet individual characteristics of each client and project

The focus on innovation and processes

Targeted development to the best IT technologies and the adequacy of their processes

Our main goal is to offer our costumers tools adapted to their environment, allowing them to efficiently manage the available resources, taking into account the high number of constraints and contingencies inherent to a manufacturing environment. In short, we aim at optimizing our customers' organization, improving their productive capacity, in order to help them reach higher levels of productivity.


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