Privacy Policy

Softi9 - Inovação Informática, Lda. (responsible for data treatment), henceforth denomitated Softi9, promotes the treatment of singular person client data, complying with the norms and principles established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The treatment of personal data has as justification the consentment provided by the owner of the personal data, the negotiation, celebration and execution of contracts, the complying with juridical obligations and the legitimately interests continues by Softi9. The juridical basis of the treatment is envisaged in the norm of the art 6th, nº 1, points a), b), c) and f) of the GDPR. The legitimate interests invoqued report to the comerce, disclosure and marketing developed by Softi9 exercising it comercial activity.

The treated data regard the name, company, cell contact, email address, fiscal identification number and address. If available by electronic submission, the data may include the registerig of site access and access to the private area with username and password, and if submited by our site, are encrypted and protected by advanced security mechanisms and aim at site managment, private area access, development and improvment of the available services and products. In contact by telephone Softi9 might proceed to the recording of calls, with the purpose of proving comercial transactions and other comunications in the scope of pre-contractual or contractual relationship, technical assistance and service quality managment. Voice data as colleted will be eliminated once verified the frustration of the negotiation or after the term of two years after the provision of the service or deliver of the comercialized product.

The finality of the data collecting and treatment has as goal the development and divulging of marketing, products and services by Softi9, including the mailing list, newsletters, managment, accesses, site registration and organization, contract management, customer support, support, complying with juridical obligations, contencious management, and data security. Collected personal data will be perserved duing the period in which Softi9 makes avaible its services and products, with the possibility of maintaing the regists for a period posterior to the cessation of the given condition until the maximum deadline prescribed but the contractual obligations, which is as of now twenty years, once expired will be eliminated, without prejudice of the previously established relatively to the conservation of voice recording data.

The collected data must be exact and current, its destined to the responsible entity for the data treatment, and will not be transmited to third parties without previous authorization from its owned. Such does not prevent that it might be shared without consentment for the complying of juridical obligations, mostly towards Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira, Instituto Nacional de Estatística, ASAE, police or judicial authorities, and other entities towards which Softi9 has the obligation that concerns the transmission of personal datas, limited by the necessary finallity of such obligation.

The consentiment confered by the user might be removed by means of written comunication directed at Softi9, entity responsible by the data treatment, at the email address, or to the physical address Av. Dr. Lourenço Peixinho, 105-C 3800-166 Aveiro - Portugal. The total or partial revogation of the consentiment will not compromise the legality of the previous data treatment, nor the necessity of preservation of the treatment if it reveals itself necessary for the complying of the finalities envisaged by the norm of the art. 6th, nº 1, points b) and c) of the GDPR. The treatment of personal data, envisaged here, constitutes requirement for access to the services and comercialized products by Softi9, the funcionalities of the site, the management, preparation, complying of orders and of contracts, complying of juridical oblications, and its lack implies the unfeasibility of the use of the site's reserved area by the owner of the personal data, the recption of comunications from Softi9 and the limitation in the provision of services that entail the treatment of personal data.

The owner of personal data has the right to access, refify, eliminate and limitation and oposition to the treatment of his personal data, as well as portability of the personal data that has been supplied predicated on the consentment and when the treatment is automatized.

The owner of the personal data has the right to present a complaint with the autority and the control, which in Portugal is the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, with headquarters in Rua de S. Bento, 148, r/C, 1200-821 Lisbon.

This comunication complies with the duty of informing foregone in the norm of the art. 13th of the GDPR.

The relationship with Softi9 assumes the acceptance of the terms and conditions in the Privacy Policy expressed in this document.


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