Case studies

CIN Case study

In order to optimize the productive process at CIN, we, together with INESC TEC implemented out Stello Planner solution in one of the factories in order to maximize their resources e subresources profitability.

Project main highlights

Cooperative work between CIN, Softi9 and INESC TEC teams to identify and map all the processes, problems and goals to achieve.

Mapping of complex processes in their capacity models and engeneering.

Restrictions and variability management

First steps

Characterize Cin's processes, problems and goals

Mapping of complex processes in their capacity models and engeneering.

Identify and adjust client's restrictions and variability

Integration with the ERP

Raw-Material check

Priority Management

Connection between production and packing orders

Using previous records, it was determined adequate execution timings, considering possible variability to display the factory's capacity.

Multiobjective solutions

First person testimonial

The result of the work presents countless advantages for CIN: A complete vision about the state of the factory (with an appealing graphical aspect and intuitive navigation); For eficient usage of resources capacity and of sub-resources; The possibility of elaboration of alternative scenaries in a few seconds to support decisions. All in all, when faced with a very difficult challenge, the consulting team presented an efficient work methodology with an emphais on a colaborative attitude, archieving all the proposed goals" Pedro Cruz, Manager of Industrial and Production Information Systems


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