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APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

Production planning and scheduling will continue to be one of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing sector in the coming years. With Industry 4.0 increasingly present, the challenge of optimizing production orders planning and production processes presents itself as a growing need.

Softi9 APS thus stands out as an essential tool for production, intending to contribute to the increase of productivity and competitiveness of the production process and, therefore, of the company. For this, its approach focuses on three basic pillars:

  • Schedule and Optimize
  • Support the Decision
  • Fine-tune Processes

Main goals and characteristics of Softi9 APS

  • To accomplish delivery deadlines; To minimize setup, downtime and stoppage times; To maximize resources and sub-resources use; To manage parallel operations overlaps.
  • The use of mathematical algorithms to obtain, in a fast and reliable way, a good solution, giving the possibility of using several optimization criteria simultaneously.
  • The availability of a graphical interface to assist the user in the interaction and decision making, in an intuitive, easy and comfortable way.