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Advanded Planning and Scheduling

APS presents itself as an indispensable tool to help production managers increasing productivity and global competitiveness of the entire production process. For that aims to:

  • Meet delivery deadlines; Minimize Setup Times, inactivity, stoppages, maximize the use of human and other resources, managing overlapping and parallel operations.
  • Use fast Mathematical Algorithms for a good solution, giving the possibility to use multiple optimization criteria simultaneously.
  • Provide a graphical interface to assist the user in their decisions intuitively in a comfortable and easy way.

APS integration with other systems allows production managers to make the scheduling more efficient, since it considers the global scenarios of the company. This communication can be made with any system using XML files.

APS offers the user several Gantts to interact with the application, view and analyze the scheduling results.

  • Resources Gantt where the operations are displayed and the user interacts with the scheduling results.
  • Production Orders Gantt in which the user can visualize their layout in time and information.
  • Charges Gantt in which the user can view the load placed on resources.
  • Sub Resources Gantt in which is displayed their use over time.

The goals of the user are achieved through:
Flexible and efficient algorithms based on heuristics (relatively general techniques for combinatorial optimization problems). Simultaneous distinct goals for scheduling with a sophisticated Decision Support system reinforce the role of the Decision Maker and its interaction with the system.

The algorithms are developed in constant collaboration with INESC Porto having already given rise to many scientific articles and academic theses.

  • Minimizing Setup Times
  • Minimize Wait Time
  • Minimize Late Deliveries (Average Delay)
  • Minimize the Highest Delay
  • Minimize Deviation from Delivery Dates
  • Maximize Load of Resources
  • Maximize Priority Achievement
  • Maximize Turnover
  • Maximize Energy Efficiency

Is also available a Control and Optimization panel where the user can compare the distinct schedules obtained and their KPIs to help him decide which of the simulations should be approved and send to the shop-floor.

Planning has to solve conflicts between Trade Department and Production. If a factory has available capacity any model or program is valid. The challenge of a planning tool is to ensure that if the factory produces the quantities that have been planned:

  • Within desired period
  • Where were planned
  • The order in which they were planned

APS is this tool and applies to companies with models of repetitive production.