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Track simulations based on several Gantt charts

Softi9 APS offers the user several Gantt charts that allow the interaction with the planning or simply visualize and evaluate the results of the generated scenarios.

Interactive graphics provided by Softi9 APS

  • Resource Gantt - Allows the interaction and visualization of the planning, with all operations by resource and time, interconnections between them, general and specific data, delays, etc.
  • Gantt sub-resources - Allows the visualization of the use, over time, associated with the resources where they are needed.
  • Gantt of Production Orders - Allows the visualization of the temporal arrangement of the production orders, as well as the information about them.
  • Loads - Allows the visualization of all the information regarding the different types of loads placed in the resources.

 We highlight as more important the Resource Gantt, since this is where the interaction with planning is made to be able to change the position of a given operation, according to the needs of the user, among many other possibilities.

It is also on this chart that it is possible to easily and directly check the data of operation and/or the production order to which it belongs.